Friday, August 15, 2014

Eva and Portugal. First post

I'm Eva and I'm doing my first ever blog! Why? Well, I like to write and and also I like to share. Share what? I'd like to share my life ( being Swedish in Portugal for fifteen years ) and what I have experienced here and also during my life in Sweden and elsewhere. I love to cook, like so many others, ;-) I like to read ( my husband is a writer), I like music, I like art ( my husband is an artist) and for some reason I would like to just express my life and what happened now and during some " many "years. This is for no one or anyone.
I'm new it will take time to learn.


  1. Wonderful Eva :-)
    Im so happy you start blogging!
    Do you gonna tell us how you make your food so delicious!?
    BIG hug

  2. Can't wait for your next post darling xx

  3. Love the title...
    it will be exciting to see Portugal through out your very swedish eyes ;)

  4. MEN jag vill ha en version på svenska så att jag inte missar ironin, skämt och andra underfyndigheter...

  5. Can't wait till this is up and running xxx I have a feeling xmas will bring a laptop...